What to Buy Your Partner at Every Relationship Stage

Whether you’ve been together two months or 40 years, the perfect gift does exist.


As your relationship flourishes, so should your penchant for giving exceptional gifts. Unfortunately, though, some of us are just plain terrible at choosing suitable presents, no matter how much thought and effort we put into them. For anyone who falls into this category and needs help picking out a legendary present for their beloved, we asked personal shopper Samantha Bessudo Drucker what to surprise your partner with at every stage of your relationship (so remember to revisit this article before any important holidays, birthdays and anniversaries).

When You’ve Been Together for… Two Months
“Chances are, you’re probably still putting your best foot forward after two months, so you want to get something thoughtful, but not go too far,” Drucker says. “Consider getting them a gift certificate for a spa day or a massage.” Not only does being pampered feel awesome, but being pampered together is a great way to keep on cultivating your new relationship.

When You’ve Been Together for… Two Years
“If you haven’t already bought them a ring, now is the time! Otherwise, think about their passions and support them in some way,” Drucker says. “That could mean getting them something educational, like a one-on-one with a personal organizer, say, or guitar lessons if they’re a musician.” I can definitely vouch for this one, since I got my girlfriend — who happens to be very into furniture — a gift certificate to a woodworking class last Christmas, and she loved it. So this tip is officially girlfriend-approved.

When You’ve Been Together for… 10 Years
“You’ve exchanged many gifts with your partner by now, but romance never gets old,” Drucker emphasizes. “Try buying tickets to see a band you both connected on early in your relationship, like the singer who was playing on the radio when you shared your first kiss. It’s nostalgic, romantic and really thoughtful.” Sure, it might sound a little cheesy, but once that song — you know the one — starts blasting through the speakers, your love for each other will blossom all over again (or at the very least, you and your partner will have some smoochy fun reminiscing).

When You’ve Been Together for… 40 Years
“What’s your partner’s lifelong dream? Make that dream a reality,” Drucker says. “Whether it’s a month-long trip to Thailand, a few weeks at a villa in Italy or running with the bulls, help your partner cross something off their bucket list. They deserve it.” After all, they put up with your previously sucky gifts all this time, right?