When Office Holiday Parties Go Bad


With a potent mixture of free drinks, jolly co-workers and vigilant bosses, a misstep at the office holiday party can spell disaster—like the three party fouls below.

Party Foul: Illegal Substitution: “I’d had a few drinks before showing a co-worker photos of my recent Caribbean vacation. Unfortunately, I was unaware that my boss was hovering behind us. He’d been under the impression that I’d asked for that time off to go to my very-much-alive-grandmother’s funeral. He didn’t fire me, but our relationship was never the same again.” —Angelica C.

Party Foul: Uniform Violation: “While on the dancefloor, I tried doing the splits. Everyone around me gasped as my pants ripped from my ass down to my thigh. I attempted to play it off by moonwalking to the bathroom, but the damage was done. I called in sick the week afterward, hoping my co-workers would forget. They didn’t.” —Frank R.

Party Foul: Unnecessary Roughness: “I witnessed a ‘major’ fight at an office holiday party. One of the guys was screaming at the other one: ‘I know that it’s mine, because I put Sharpie marker on the bottom corner, you idiot!’ I found out later that they’d been fighting over a mousepad. I was like, ‘Are these guys serious? Over a mousepad?’” —Chris T.

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