When’s the Best Time to Lose the Winter Beard?

Unless you’re planning on keeping it permanently, the sooner the better.


So you’ve spent all winter growing a big, lumberjack-worthy beard. But is this going to be your permanent style, or is it just seasonal? If the latter, then the time to shave it off might be coming up.

The first day of spring is March 20, and as the winter weather recedes and we emerge blinking into whatever the rest of 2021 has in store for us (please be not terrible?) it might feel quite rejuvenating to slather on some Shave Butter and cut off the very quarantine-y beard you’ve been lugging around for the last few months. 

It could also be the perfect way to announce to the world you’re done hibernating. A 2016 study found clean-shaven men were perceived as being younger, so if you want to be a spring chicken, now’s your chance. (And if you think you should wait until it gets warmer outside, think again — there’s no science that proves beards warm your face up.)

You might even want to ditch the beard earlier than that. If you’re looking for new work and doing Zoom interviews, a clean-shaven face could help you nab the job. If your partner has barely tolerated your bristles all season, why not give them the gift of your beardlessness? Of course, it’s your facial hair and your choice — beards can look great all year round as long as you do them right. But even pets start shedding their winter fur once spring rolls around. Why not you?