Which Country’s Beer Gives Us the Biggest Beer Belly?

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Oktoberfest might have ended last weekend, but if you thought the chance to drink your weight in Bitburger is over, think again. These days, with everything from lagers to lambics widely available at most stores, enjoying a cold one from breweries all around the globe has never been easier.

There is, however, one drawback to going on a beer world tour: All of those calories can make getting a good look at your, er, toes in the morning a daunting task. That’s why we’ve provided the cheat sheet below. It helps you better understand which country’s brew is most likely to pack on the pounds.


Stella Artois – 154 cal
Leffe – 200 cal
Hoegaarden -153 cal
Orval -190 cal
La Chouffe – 240 cal
Average Belgian Beer: 187.4 calories


Murphy’s Irish Stout -150 cal
O’Hara’s Irish Wheat – 140 cal
Smithwick’s Irish Ale – 150 cal
Porterhouse Oyster Stout – 156 cal
Guinness Extra Stout – 176 cal
Average Irish Beer: 154.4 calories

Czech Republic

Staropramen – 136 cal
Pilsner Urquell – 156 cal
Krusovice – 150 cal
Budweiser Budvar – 141 cal
Gambrinus – 129 cal
Average Czech Beer: 142.4 calories

United Kingdom

Bass – 160 cal
New Castle – 138 cal
Boddington’s – 197 cal
Samuel Smith’s – 165 cal
Young’s Bitter- 111 cal
Average British Beer:  130.2 calories


Beck’s – 113 cal
Krombacher – 122 cal
Bitburger – 146 cal
Warsteiner – 80 cal
Oettinger – 147 cal
Average German Beer: 121.6 calories

United States

Bud Light- 110 cal
Coors Light – 102 cal
Miller Light – 95 cal
Budweiser – 145 cal
Michelob Ultra Light – 95 cal
Average US Beer: 103.4 calories

There you have it: If you’re looking for a beer this weekend that won’t add too much to your waistline, stick to domestic. ‘Murica!