Why Do I Bleed So Much When I Cut Myself Shaving?


If your morning shave routine ends up looking less like the one in Key Largo and more like the one from Dumb and Dumber, don’t go running to the doctor raving about hemophilia—the explanation is actually quite simple.

Your face is incredibly vascular near the surface, meaning you’ve got tons of itty-bitty capillaries pumping blood—quite literally—right under your nose. And since there’s so much blood moving around up there, any cuts to the area tend to bleed a lot more than other places.

Also, the fact that you’re working with an ultra sharp blade doesn’t help your coagulative efforts much. If you’ve cut yourself, the hyper-sharp edge of your razor slices through your capillaries so cleanly that it doesn’t leave the ragged edges that your body needs to make a scab the way normal cuts do. Combine the slow-scabbing issue to your veiny face problem and you’ve got a recipe for a bloody mess.

So before you walk out the door looking like a telekinetic prom queen, here are some tips for how to help stop the bleeding.