Why Early Shopping Matters More This Year Than Ever

It’s always nice to know you’ve got the holiday shopping done ahead of time, but 2020 is, once again, a special case.

Early_Shopping_Traveler_Gift (1)

It goes without saying that the holiday season is going to be a bit different this year. With some stores opening and closing at unusual hours, or limiting the number of people who can enter the store (or not limiting the number of people who can enter the store, which is even more anxiety-inducing), the smartest and safest way to do your holiday shopping is to do it as early as possible.

There are more benefits to picking out your gifts sooner rather than later than just avoiding crowds. With COVID affecting manufacturing, shipping and retailers alike, there’s no telling when a really hot ticket item could go out of stock — even a semi-popular frying pan could disappear from store shelves for an unknown period of time. This is equally true of many e-tail stores and their wares: You’ve probably encountered more than a few shipping delays on various sites while trying to buy stuff this year, or items that have suddenly gone out of stock, with nothing but a general idea of when they might be available again.

Best to get started now, then! This way, even if something you want under the tree is sold out, putting in a pre-order will give the gift a better chance of arriving before the holidays. Likewise, buying things now keeps you from feeling frenzied when you get an email that the slippers that were due to come in tomorrow are now arriving in four to six weeks.

Of course, not all online stores will take forever to ship your purchases to you, and we at Dollar Shave Club are smugly happy to be one of them. We’re offering several gift packages, from the handy Travel Set to the extraordinarily thorough (if we do say so ourselves) Ultimate Shave Gift Set, and you can order them any time from now through mid-December and know that you’ll be able to put them under the Christmas tree right on time.

But enough about us! Whatever gifts you’re looking for and whoever you’re buying them for, shop smart — shop now. In a few weeks, you’ll be very grateful that you did.