Why You Should Step Up Your Shaving Routine in Winter

The cold does your skin no favors, but you certainly can!


Some people love winter, some people hate it — your skin falls into the latter camp. The cold lowers the humidity in the air, which has the effect of drying out your skin, leaving it itchy and uncomfortable. That’s why it’s so important to up your shaving game until spring rolls around.

Dealing with winter dryness is mostly about replacing the moisture that the air normally provides in other seasons. For most of your skin, you can simply apply a moisturizer and carry on with your day. But when you draw a razor over your face, the blade takes off some of your skin’s natural oils along with your facial hair, which is extra bad news in the winter.

So, you have to plan ahead. It’s best to shave in a warm shower after having a good soak. Then use a lubricating Shave Cream or Shave Butter so your razor glides across your skin instead of dragging on it. Once you’re done, make sure to pat your face dry instead of rubbing your towel over it — this will leave some of the water behind, which will be handily trapped when you apply your face moisturizer (don’t skimp!) Don’t be afraid to carry a bottle of moisturizer with you to reapply it when needed — your face will love you for it.

And that’s it! Your face is now thoroughly prepared to passionately make out with a snowman. That…that was what you were getting your face ready for, right?