Will I Look Like Someone off Jersey Shore If I Trim My Eyebrows?


In this edition of “Step Into the Chair,” Cleve McMillan, stylist and DSC’s resident hair expert, weighs in on your burning questions about the mysterious adventure that is getting a haircut.

My eyebrows are crazy, but I’m worried I’ll look like Pauly D if I let my barber trim them. What should I do?

First off, know you’re not alone: I myself share your paranoia. My general rule of thumb, though, is that if a barber asks me whether I want my brows trimmed or not, I’ll say yes. If he doesn’t, I’m not going to ask. My thought here is that the stylist who asks, is a stylist who has a lot of experience trimming eyebrows.

It’s also important to remember that, when it comes to brows, longer is ALWAYS better than shorter. With that in mind, err on the side of caution, and ask your barber to take off literally as little as possible. If I were to trim a client’s brows, I would attach a number 2 guard to my clipper in addition to placing the comb through the the hair. That should be just about the right length to clean things up without it looking like you’ve noticeably shaped your eyebrows.

I haven’t changed my hairstyle in 15 years. How can I update it without looking like I’m trying to be a teenager again?

What you want to do is ask for a soft variation of a hip haircut. Let’s take the undercut as an example. Instead of going really short on the sides and having a hard disconnect, ask the barber to go a little less aggressive with it. You’ll still have a hip style, but you won’t look like the teenagers or the guys in their early twenties who are going extra wild with it.

Also—I often do this with women who have long hair and want to cut it short—you can look at what style you currently have next to a really aggressive, modern hairstyle and find a nice place in between. That way, you can get comfortable with the style before taking it to the extreme.

Having said all that, I was with my 45-year-old friend over the weekend, and he was totally rocking a super sharp undercut. Plus, his hair is completely grey. So don’t get to thinking age should keep you from having a cool hairstyle.

I have some seriously kinky hair. How do I ask my barber for a more styled haircut?

You absolutely have to stay within the realm of your hair type. A less experienced stylist might try to push it, but it’s important to realize that you’re really at the will of your hair. If you have the hair for an afro, it will look best styled as an afro.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a style, I recommend simply Googling “hairstyle for kinky hair.” You’ll find plenty of styles using your exact hair type. Just make sure to include the year in your search lest you want to end up with a crazy style straight out of the 70s or 80s—unless, of course, you’re into that.

If you have a question for your barber but are too afraid to ask, email us at bm@dollarshaveclub.com or comment below and we’ll have Cleve answer it in an upcoming post.