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DSC Member: Matt Galas, Sultan of Sweep

For most people, curling is a sport that only takes place during the Winter Olympics—or in Canada. But not for DSC member Matt Galas, the co-founder of the Windy City Curling Club. Since April, Matt’s been hard at work in the Chicago-area getting people hooked on the...

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DSC Member: Hey LUCAS HAMLIN, Paint My Ride

This week, we’re profiling Lucas Hamlin. The owner of Portland-based Fat Wallet Customs, Lucas has been restoring and custom-painting cars since he was 19 years old. Fifteen years later, no request stumps him. He can candy coat your ‘64 Lincoln, make sure your flames don’t look like crab...

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The world has a right to know how amazingly awesome Dollar Shave Club members are. So every Monday, we spotlight one of them to give you a peek into their awesomeness. This week, we’re profiling Anthony Giannotti, one of the best-known barbers on the West Coast. Over the last six years,...