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Interview with Dollar Shave Club Founder Michael Dubin Dollar Shave Club founder Michael Dubin discusses how he turned an everyday item into a multimillion dollar business.
Dollar Shave Club Raises $50 Million Michael Dubin launched Dollar Shave Club in 2012 with a viral video touting its razor blades as "f*cking great." Two and a half years later, Dubin has proven that the club is more than just a marketing gimmick.
Dollar Shave Club Goes ‘Upscale’ With $9 Moisturizer Value Blade Purveyor Projects $60 Million in Sales, Sees Men Trading Up
In Defense of Butt Wipes Using moist bathroom tissues is nothing to be ashamed about. Frankly, more people should probably be doing it.
Dollar Shave Club co-founder Michael Dubin had a smooth transition CEO Michael Dubin has turned his marketing prowess, comedic experience and dislike of high razor prices into a growing subscriber-based venture.
3 Marketing Takeaways From Dollar Shave Club's F***ing Great Ad How Dollar Shave Club uses humor, social media, and authenticity to nick traditional shaving titans and connect with customers.
Big Brands Should Fear the 'Dollar Shave Club' Effect The $13 billion shave industry is in a lather this week as the start-up is bursting through to the mainstream media with a viral video.
A David and Gillette Story Technology and a viral video are arming the tiny Dollar Shave Club for battle in the Razor Wars.
Riding the Momentum Created by a Cheeky Video CEO Michael Dubin speaks about making the transition from YouTube sensation to real business.