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How This Brand Made You Feel You Needed Something You Already Have You have to love a good brand story: You know the one where a simple guy creates a brand and overnight he's a multimillionaire?
Dollar Shave Club to Exceed $60 Million in Sales The Dollar Shave Club is lathering up a profitable year.
Michael Dubin’s Dollar Shave Club Has A Soft Side Many may be surprised to find an often irreverent men's brand that claims its razors "are f***ing great," actually has a soft side. Almost hidden on the DSC blog is how the company does its part to make the world a little better and gets its members involved in the process.
Dollar Shave Club’s Dubin: From YouTube Star to CEO Michael Dubin has swiftly made the transition from YouTube star to CEO.
Dollar Shave Club Goes ‘Upscale’ With $9 Moisturizer Value Blade Purveyor Projects $60 Million in Sales, Sees Men Trading Up
The Dollar Shave Club Guy has a Colonoscopy He sells razors. A lot of razors. But Mike Dubin, CEO and co-founder of Dollar Shave Club, is not satisfied with just selling razors. He wants to save lives.
How Dollar Shave Club helps ‘shave’ time and money Founder and CEO Michael Dubin on how Dollar Shave Club is delivering high-quality razors to your door for a couple bucks a month
Dollar Shave Club Lands $12 Million Investment to Dramatically Expand Product Portfolio Dollar Shave Club was once all about the razors. But if CEO Michael Dubin has his way, his commerce company will expand its product portfolio by the end of next year ... to more than a dozen different men’s grooming products.
NFLers line up to star in ads for… men’s toilet wipes Four NFL linemen have signed to help a small Venice, Calif., company crack a new market — moistened toilet paper — targeted at men.
NFL Centers To Endorse Butt Wipes Okay, here’s the marketing challenge. You’ve got a product that solves a problem no one wants to talk about, let alone admit to.