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Four NFL centers now pitchmen for adult butt wipes One Wipe Charlie has enlisted the following centers -- Travis Frederick (Cowboys), John Sullivan (Vikings), Eric Wood (Bills) and Nick Hardwick (Chargers) -- for some sort of "Clean Snap" ad campaign aimed at getting guys to ditch the Charmin for the butt wipe.
Meet the CEO Who Plans to Make Boatloads Off Your Bottom "One Wipe Charlies" are Dollar Shave Club's attempt to disrupt the bathroom in a whole new way.
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The art of shaving is alive and well Michael Dubin got his brush of fame with a viral video when he launched Dollar Shave Club from a Venice warehouse.
In Defense of Butt Wipes Using moist bathroom tissues is nothing to be ashamed about. Frankly, more people should probably be doing it.
This man wants to sell you a male wet nap Dollar Shave Club founder Michael Dubin is betting on moist towelettes for men.
Dollar Shave Club's Newest Product Is for Your Other Cheeks Dollar Shave Club is back and operating from the same budget-marketing playbook for the launch of its newest product: a high-end alternative to toilet paper.
18 Gifts for Dad on Father's Day He may not always know best, but he does deserve the best on Father's Day.
A Razor Sharp Idea The next big thing in men's grooming is a sharp idea.