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I've used every brand out there, and nobody comes close to Dollar Shave Club's Executive blade. Nice clean smooth shave every time. Blades stay nice and sharp for multiple uses. I will never shave with another blade again. Can't beat the price either!!!

Dollar Shave Club is the best thing that's happened to me. Great product!!!

Yes, @DollarShaveClub is the greatest thing to happen to mankind. Closest shave ever.

Best club that I've ever joined. Great service with quality products.

I shaved this morning for the first in 3 months. Oh damn, @DollarShaveClub I feel so smooth, lush, handsome and above average height.

Be ready for a life changing start to every day when you use, or rather, enjoy this razor. Every stroke is like an elegant angel caressing your face gently. Razor burn, from razors scorn, jealous of your new friend. Let the razor bleed your troubles, don't bleed from troubling razors. Enjoy the Executive, the mans razor, the only razor for you. 

Signing up for @DollarShaveClub is one of the smartest things I've done. Great money saver & great blades

Best. Purchase. Ever. ...couldn't be happier.

Dear @DollarShaveClub since using your razor, I have climbed Mt. Everest using only a jet ski. It wasn’t possible without your product.